February 12, 2024

The future of Fractal Labs

In the ever-evolving world of technology, innovation is the key to success. Fractal Labs, under the visionary leadership of CEO Austin Wood, has emerged as a beacon of innovation in app development. Austin's journey from a CTO in Los Angeles to the founder of a company at the forefront of AI, XR, and Web3 technologies is as fascinating as it is inspiring. In this exclusive interview, Austin shares his insights on the dynamic world of app development, the future of AI technologies, and the unique approach Fractal Labs takes in transforming ideas into digital realities. Dive into the mind of a tech leader who's not just shaping apps, but also crafting the future of user experience. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a tech enthusiast, or someone curious about the power of AI in app development, this interview promises a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Can you share your journey that led to founding Fractal Labs and what inspired the company's focus on AI, XR, and Web3 technologies?

My journey to founding Fractal Labs began during my time as CTO at a Los Angeles-based social media startup. I built an incredible team of engineers who excelled in their roles, creating a fantastic work environment. Unfortunately, when the company folded, I had the tough task of letting everyone go. Remarkably, many expressed their desire to work together again, highlighting our strong team dynamics and my management style. This sparked the idea for Fractal Labs - why disband a great team just because one startup failed? So, we regrouped and formed Fractal Labs, taking with us the camaraderie and skills we had honed.

Our focus on AI, alongside XR and Web3, stems from our commitment to crafting outstanding user experiences. These technologies offer innovative ways to enhance both the visual and functional aspects of our projects, aligning perfectly with our core mission to deliver excellence in every user interaction.

In your opinion, what are the most exciting trends in app development right now, and how is Fractal Labs positioned to leverage these trends?

AI stands out as a thrilling trend in app development. It's all about the data quality – 'garbage in, garbage out' as we say. Good AI needs quality data to work wonders. At Fractal Labs, our strength lies in collaboration. We excel in working with industry experts, blending their knowledge with our tech expertise to train AI models effectively.

Our team thrives on transforming insights from various fields into intelligent, user-centric app solutions. This unique approach positions us at the forefront of utilizing AI to create extraordinary user experiences. We're not just tech experts; we're facilitators, turning visions into digital realities, especially for those with non-technical backgrounds. This synergy of diverse expertise and AI is where we excel, setting us apart in the app development landscape.

How do you see AI technologies evolving in the next few years, and how will they impact mobile and web app development?

AI is advancing rapidly, and one of the most notable trends is the emergence of no-code tools. These tools allow people to design and build apps or landing pages without any coding skills. It's fascinating to see AI enabling these capabilities, and this is significantly changing the landscape of mobile and web app development.

We're witnessing a shift towards creating and publishing apps with minimal custom code.

With AI's evolution, the creation and publishing of apps without extensive coding is becoming a reality. However, the crucial question shifts from 'How do I build this?' to 'Should I build this?'. AI can construct what you envision, but deciding if it's the right thing to build remains a human judgment.

At Fractal Labs, we believe that understanding what to build is just as important as how. We start with a discovery phase before coding begins, challenging assumptions, and engaging with potential users. This human-centric approach in app development is vital, now more than ever, as AI starts to take on more of the coding workload. In our discovery phase at Fractal Labs, we don't just jump into coding. We start by deeply understanding our client's vision and the problems they aim to solve.

As AI makes app development easier, we'll see more apps being created with little or no code. This underscores the importance of product design and management in ensuring an app's success. There'll be a divide – apps that ignore this aspect might struggle, while those that focus on it will thrive.

This exciting era of AI and no-code solutions isn't just about making app development easier; it's about making it smarter and more aligned with human needs and desires.

How specifically does Fractal Labs use AI?

At Fractal Labs, our use of AI is twofold: enhancing our work and building more capable apps. AI’s unpredictability, especially in high-demand services like ChatGPT, poses challenges like dropped messages and inconsistency. To counter this, we've developed internal tools for ourselves and our clients.

For instance, voice transcription is a key feature in many of our apps. We primarily use Whisper AI for its affordability and accuracy, but we've noticed uptime issues. To ensure seamless user experience, we've integrated a backup system with Deepgram. Our AI system monitors both services, switching to the operational one if the other fails, ensuring no downtime for client apps.

We also address AI's inconsistency by building smart features and a web dashboard for prompt management. This lets us test and tweak AI prompts, ensuring optimal performance.

In essence, Fractal Labs is adept at navigating AI's evolving landscape. We ensure robust, reliable, and consistent AI integration in our apps, providing top-notch experiences to our clients and their users.

Where to start if I have an app idea?

Got an app idea? Great! Your first move should be to book a call with us. I'm always excited to chat about new app concepts and can guide you on the right path. If we're a good match, we'll begin with a discovery session. This is where we dive deep into your idea, understanding your target audience, scoping out the competition, and mapping out your roadmap and features. This process ensures you have a crystal-clear vision of your goals and the steps to achieve them. So, don't hesitate – let’s get that call scheduled and start shaping your idea into reality!

If you're new to the mobile app world, creating an app can be a game-changer for your business. Mobile apps offer unparalleled convenience for users on the move. And if you're looking to enhance an existing app with AI-powered features, we're here to help. AI opens up endless possibilities to deliver unique value to your customers, tailored to your specific expertise. At Fractal Labs, we're passionate about helping experts craft remarkable experiences for their users. Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life!

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