May 6, 2024

Practice Interviews Case Study

Introduction: Project Vision

At Fractal Labs, we had the opportunity to collaborate with Jeff Sipe, an Interview Expert with extensive experience coaching candidates for roles at companies like Meta and Google. Jeff approached us with a visionary idea: to revolutionize job interview preparation using AI-driven coaching. His goal was ambitious but clear:

“My goal was to create an AI tool that uses my 15 years of recruiting and coaching experience to help more people succeed in job interviews at a lower cost.”

Partner Selection: Finding the Right Fit

What set Fractal Labs apart for Jeff was our technical expertise, our transparent approach, and the personal connection we fostered right from the beginning. As Jeff put it, "I do think it's really important to have a good feeling about who you are working with, and to understand their strategy and approach." We pride ourselves on not just being a service provider but a partner who is as invested in our clients’ goals as they are.

Planning and Discovery

Our initial phase of collaboration involved a thorough discovery session where we applied The Lean Startup methodology to define the scope and objectives of Jeff’s project. We established a roadmap focusing on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that could effectively gather user feedback and adapt to it swiftly. Challenges were pinpointed early on, setting the stage for a focused and effective response. Jeff often recalled,

“During our discussions, there were moments when I wanted to expand our project's scope or add more features. However, the conversation always returned to the principles of lean methodology.”

Development Phase: Creating the AI Tool

During the development phase, our team was dedicated to crafting an intuitive user experience and robust AI functionality that delivered precise, human-like feedback. We built an extensive database of interview questions to cover various industries and ensured the application was scalable, capable of supporting numerous users simultaneously without a hitch.

Launch and Early Results

We launched the Practice Interviews AI product to a group of early adopters within 12 weeks, whose feedback was invaluable and led to immediate enhancements. This iterative approach was crucial in aligning the product more closely with user needs and expectations, demonstrating the value of a lean, agile development strategy.

Within another month, Jeff opened up to broader adoption leading to his first paying customers and a 110% month on month growth of his user base.

Impact and Expansion

Our timely delivery of the tool, within budget and aligned with Jeff’s strategic timeline, demonstrated our commitment to Jeff’s success and deep investment in the impact of Practice Interviews AI. The app quickly established itself as a leading tool for interview preparation, validated by high user engagement and positive feedback.

LinkedIn: Jeff H Sipe

Conclusion: Looking Forward

Our partnership with Practice Interviews continues to flourish. We are constantly enhancing the features of the tool and broadening its market presence to meet the growing demand. Reflecting on this journey, we are reminded of the transformative potential of AI in career consulting and are excited about the future possibilities this technology holds.

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