April 30, 2024

Fractal Labs & Snackr: A Tech-Driven Venture into Enhancing Live Event Experiences

Fractal Labs was tasked with the ambitious project of creating a multiplatform web app for Snackr, a company aiming to revolutionize the live event experience. Despite the absence of an in-house technical expert, Fractal Labs delivered a virtual queue, timeslot management, and QR code ordering solution that improved revenue streams and customer engagement for Snackr before it ultimately closed its doors.

Project Overview

Snackr aimed to innovate the live event experience by allowing attendees to order food, drinks, and merchandise directly from their seats. To manage high-volume orders during events and lacking in-house tech expertise, Snackr partnered with Fractal Labs to develop a comprehensive multiplatform application serving consumers, vendors, venue administrators, and delivery staff.

Challenges and Objectives


  • Lack of a technical lead to direct infrastructure development and technology choices.
  • The requirement for a solution that could balance high-demand periods for vendors, allowing for efficient processing of digital orders.


  • To reconstruct Snackr's product into a functional web app that incorporated critical features.
  • To accelerate the deployment across venues in 2022, aligning with the resumption of events post-pandemic.

Solution Deployed

The solution crafted by Fractal Labs encompassed a multi-user platform web app that facilitated orders of food, drinks, and merchandise. Features included:

  • In-seat delivery and priority pick-up for customer convenience.
  • Order management through vendor-specific apps.
  • Administrative oversight via a venue management app.
  • Delivery personnel support through a dedicated runner app.

Rationale: The web-based approach allowed for fast development and deployment and sidestepped app store limitations. It also offered low-maintenance and cost-efficient infrastructure options such as Heroku for scalability.


Fractal Labs partnered closely with Snackr, particularly during the initial pilot events, to ensure the system operated smoothly. The journey from collaborative scoping to the implementation of rich features was marked by hands-on engagement and a commitment to Snackr’s vision.

Results and Impact

  • Timely delivery within budget, aligning with Snackr's strategic timeline.
  • Enabled Snackr to obtain Seed funding after the pilot phase.
  • High user satisfaction rate with 98% indicating they would use the app again.
  • Revenue boost for Snackr’s clients, with substantial spending outside peak times.

LinkedIn: Cale Walsh

Key Takeaways

  • Creation of a web app that significantly advanced Snackr’s service offerings and contributed to a successful funding round.
  • Demonstrated the effectiveness of a user-friendly system in increasing average spend and spreading revenue generation across event timelines.

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